Meeting Life Challenges Through Opportunity, Education, Training and Work.

Goodwill’s Job Training and Supported Employment programs help individuals find and keep jobs. The opportunities and the skills gained at Goodwill are life changing. We provide work assessments, basic workplace training and support. In addition, our Driver’s Education program offers preparation for permit testing, behind the wheel instruction, and final testing.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Services

Goodwill’s IDD service provide opportunities to learn new skills that lead to community based, competitive employment.

Pre-vocational Services

Goodwill’s Pre-Vocational Services are on the cutting edge for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This program is an integrated into the Goodwill processing facility in Falls Creek. The program includes comprehensive evaluations designed to target areas for development and to give insight in to workplace barriers that may need adaptation or further training. All of this leads to individuals’ gaining crucial work experience and opportunities that can lead to higher levels of placement and employment.

Small Group Employment Services

Goodwill’s Supported Employment is also available to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and is designed to take individuals to a new level of community employment. The service is provided as part of a competitive employment placement which can include work in Goodwill’s retail stores. This one-on-one program helps individuals learn the basic skills of starting, maintaining, and retaining a job. This program is also evaluation driven and designed to identify areas for development. As the individual progresses, supports can be scaled back or even phased out in some cases.

Drive (to) Your Future!

Transportation is one of the key barriers to employment in North Central Pennsylvania. Limited public transportation within rural communities prevents many individuals from finding and keeping a job. Goodwill’s Driver Training School takes individuals through the entire process of obtaining a driver’s license. Individuals learn basic road rules and how to obtain a learners permit. Then through behind the wheel instruction, they learn how to safely operate a vehicle and obtain a driver’s license.

Driver’s Education Classes:

If you wish to enroll please contact our office at 371-2821 ext. 152

Keep it Clean with Goodwill

Goodwill’s janitorial staff keeps things safe and clean in many different environments. More than 75% of the janitorial staff have documented barriers to employment and unable to maintain competitive community-based employment. Through the vocational programs at Goodwill individuals learn the necessary skills to provide superior janitorial services.

Call 1-800-932-8270 for more information on our janitorial contracts.